We work for avoiding the problems. We work for people like you.


We feel committed to avoiding conflicts, protecting the rights of people with special needs, and assisting our clients through difficult situations, by providing new legal and technical resources.


Prevention of conflicts. PREVENTIVE LEGAL WORK. The best way to solve a problem is by avoiding it. We save costs in litigation anticipating solutions to the problem.


We protect the rights and personal dignity of people with special needs. We offer special services for them, and for the general public and we do our job in a new concept of law based on close and permanent contact and on taking advantage of new technologies.


We pay attention to risky situations in a personal or financial way. We fight for our client’s interests when the conflict is caused, is inevitable or the situation is unexpected.


      We take chances on new ways of housing and new concept of law based on being open to everybody, taking advantage of new technologies and preventing the problems from happening.


      We set up this web to make it easy and affordable for our clients to be in permanent contact with the lawyer and to use different kinds of work session and to study the cases deeply.


      We adapt our timetable to the client’s needs, making a special proposal to everyone of you, searching your full autonomy and freedom for making your decisions.

      A FAIR FEE

      We give our estimates some thought by taking into account the financial situation of our client and their issues. For this purpose we make use of new technological tools to save journeys and unnecessary expenses.


      We work for raising full integration, dignity and quality of life of people deserving special needs and walk with families together.


      We promote through young people (millenials) the use of new ways of ownership (shared ownership) based on flexibility and avoiding overloading.


      We join in The Hound group, a professional team working together for giving our clients a richer and interdisciplinary vision and paying the fair bill.


      Eliminating obstacles for the free circulation of people and services between Member States of the EU allows us to fight for their fulfilment, and to remove barriers to offer cross-border services and make it easier to do business.