Our working area is the civil law, with special attention to the right of the person and properties. This is the reason why our efforts are focused on three main areas of attention:


    It is the best guarantee of success and our role is to accompany, advise and assist our clients and avoid conflicts. At the first sign of a problem, consult us:

    Family Law:
    • Premarital agreements.
    Inheritance Law:
    • Testaments.
    Contractual Law:
    • Pre-contractual advice, financial recruitment, reviewing and drafting contracts.
    Real Estate Law:
    • Condominiums.
    • Real estate trading.
    • New tenancies to make housing more affordable without being overindebted.


    The protection of people and the adoption of measures to protect their rights that has been affected is the biggest challenge of lawyers nowadays. We have a special commitment to people with special needs and their families, physical, sensory or cognitive. So we designed a specific catalogue of services with bonus.

    People with special needs:
    • Heritage management.
    • Legal incapacitation.
    • Guardianship.
    Family Law:
    • Separations and divorces (custody and visitation, pensions and distribution of goods).
    Inheritance Law:
    • Acceptance of inheritance and declaration of heirs, distribution of the inheritance.
    Contractual Law:
    • Unfair contract terms.
    • Foreclosures.
    • Consumers.
    Tort Law:
    • Claims for traffic accidents.
    • Claims for damages caused by defective products.
    • Construction defects.


    The process begins by making a feasibility report about the crumbling real state to report the owners, offer solutions and suggest improvements; as well as to program the recovery process, from the project to the works, also suggesting new legal tools for making it affordable.

    • Revitalization of the family estate restoring crumbling properties. THE HOUND.
    • Estates of deceased persons.

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